Bio Viticulture

Organic winegrowing

We have wondered whether the road that agriculture is taking today, that of a scientific orientation only to maximise yields, has not let us to believe more that we are. We are a part of Nature and a part of the World and we are not the owners of the Earth.
Over the last 20 years in agriculture, there has been a significant increase in the use of chemicals, equal to that of the whole previous century. It is our obligation to inhabitants of the Earth to make a change. We need to act upon our humility and return to a more holistic approach to ensure the survival of the ecosystem.

“It is likely that the extinction of a mammal or a bird is made aware to us for there is greater visibility. But for the good functioning of ecosystems, mushrooms, algae, worms, small insects, reptiles and numerous varieties of microorganisms are also needed. Some unusual species, which usually go unnoticed, play a crucial role in stabilising the balance of the Earth. (Encyclical Letter of Pope Francis on the Care of the Common House – 2016 – Cap I, 34)
We are firmly convinced that organic wine growing is one of the essential tools in safeguarding the environment in which we live and its biodiversity. From this, the quality of wine is derived from a living soil and a healthy environment.